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    Integrations between web apps that execute tasks for you. Learn more

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    Event is the act of transfer data from web App A to B automatically. Learn more


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  • Automation 3
  • Events/mo 100
  • PREMIUM Automation
  • Priority Support

R$69/ mo

R$759/ yr

  • Automation 6
  • Events/mo 1.000
  • PREMIUM Automation
  • Priority Support
Most Used

R$119/ mo

R$1.309/ yr

  • Automation 9
  • Events/mo 3.000
  • PREMIUM Automation
  • Priority Support

R$169/ mo

R$1.859/ yr

  • Automation 20
  • Events/mo 20.000
  • PREMIUM Automation
  • Priority Support
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Research made with 300 Pluga users in December 2016

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Research made with 300 Pluga users in December 2016

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Research made with 300 Pluga users in December 2016


Frequently Asked Questions
What is an Automation?

An automation is a connection between two web apps, which performs a certain task. It must contain a "Trigger" (e.g. When a payment is approved in PagSeguro...), and an "Action" (e.g. ...send a notification to a specific Slack channel). As the name suggests, an automation synchronizes data automatically between apps.

What is Premium Automation?

Some Pluga automation are marked as Premium (Premium) and to use them you must have a paid plan. These automations require special treatment from our team and a more personalized support.

What is Basic Automation?

They are all the Pluga automation that are not marked as "Premium". These are called "Basic", and if you do not adopt a paid plan, you can use up to 3 of them limited to 100 events/mo for free.

What is a Web App?

A Web App is a web service or application, such as Google Docs, Evernote or Salesforce. We offer a series of integrations with the main Brazilian and international apps.

What is an Event?

Event is the act to transfer data bewteen web App A to B automatically. One automation can perform several events. For example, imagine that you use an automation at Pluga which for every new approved on Moip, a notification is sent to your Slack. Each notification, can be hundreds per month. This is an event.

Do I need to be a developer to use Pluga?

Definitely not! This is exactly why Pluga is so unique, it gives autonomy to the non-developers in your team!

What is Pluga`s policy regarding data transfer?

We keep your data nice and safe, and we don`t share it with third-party companies. That way, we act only as a smart and safe bridge for transferring data between web apps that you already use (or want to use).

How to know if it`s time to automate my company`s operational processes?

Every day is a good day to eliminate (dull) operational processes from your business! With more free time, you can focus on what really matters to the success of your business. Still in doubt? Give it a try. We`re sure you won`t regret it!

What is consumption?

Your consumption consists basically on your quantity of automation, events/mo and if you use a Premium automation.

Trial period.

Trial is a Pluga Demo that allows, during 14 days, access to all Pluga functionalities, beyond unlimited events and automation.

Adequacy after Trial period.

After Trial period, we will indicate the appropriate plan for what you have consumed. Therefore, you can choose to accept the indicated plan and continue to use Pluga automatically, or if your company has been designated to a paid plan and you do not want, your account will be limited to the Free plan.

Migrating between plans.

The change between paid plans occurs automatically. Thus, every beginning of your cycle, your consumption will be reset and the charge will be according to what you consumed at the end of the last cycle. Remember that you can always keep track of your current plan and consumption progress on your account page.

How to cancel Pluga`s subscription?

To cancel your subscription on Pluga, you need to access "Plan and Usage" area inside your control panel of your account on Pluga and click "Downgrade" button. At the moment that you cancelled a paid plan, Pluga reset your cycle, changing it to the day of cancelling and deactivate all of your automation. It`s up to you reactivate all automation that adapts your new Free plan. Go to help desk and learn more

Who do I contact?

Great! We encourage you to contact us through any of our communication channels. Pluga is under development, so we can`t guarantee that our service is free of bugs, inaccuracies, or interruptions. That`s why we believe that communication with our clients is key. You can contact suporte@pluga.co for general questions.