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New response

For each new response on Typeform


Information from Typeform that can be used and sent to other apps.

Response ID

Response date/time

Calculated Response Score

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Create lead

create a lead on G Digital


Fields in G Digital that can receive information from other apps.

Form Name Required

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Lead Name

Contact phone

Custom Tag

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How to integrate apps with Pluga?

Pluga allows you to integrate two or more apps in a simple, practical way without needing to type a single line of code. Here are the steps to automate your tasks and start focusing on what really matters.

  • Trigger and source app of the integration

    What is the integration trigger?

    The trigger is the step that initiates automation. In the integration process, it is selected after choosing the source app. For example, if you choose Facebook Lead Ads as the source app, the trigger could be: For each response on an advertisement.

  • Action and destination app of the integration

    What is an action within an automation?

    The action serves as a response to the previously selected trigger. That is, it occurs once the trigger is activated. For example, in an integration between Facebook Lead Ads (source) and Google Sheets (destination), as soon as the trigger “For each response on an advertisement” is activated in the source app, the action “Add data to a new row on a spreadsheet” will be carried out in the destination app.

  • Information mapping of the integration

    How does information mapping work?

    Information mapping is where you configure which captured information from the source app will be sent to each field in the destination app(s).

    For example, in an integration between Facebook Lead Ads and Google Sheets, this step is where you will determine which contact information should fill in the spreadsheet fields.

  • Integrations with multiple actions among more than two apps

    Is it possible to have more than one action?

    With Pluga, you can create automations by integrating several apps at once. For example, you can integrate Facebook Lead Ads + Google Sheets + Slack, so when the trigger is activated, the first action is executed and a notification is sent via Slack.

Integrate Typeform + G Digital
and say goodbye to manual (and tedious) tasks!

By connecting the apps you use through Pluga, you can automate various processes in your routine and
have time for tasks that really matter.

Automatic transfer of your contacts' information to other apps

Automating the transfer of your contact base (leads) information to other apps can greatly facilitate tasks that involve managing them.

At Pluga, you can do this with ease and also helps optimize the work of people, avoiding possible human errors.

Card with contact information being sent to other apps

Automate your sales tracking

With the help of Pluga's integrations, you can put your business's sales control on autopilot. This way, tasks surrounding inventory, finance, and logistics can be more aligned and optimized, directly impacting your customer's satisfaction.

Data from a new sale being sent to a spreadsheet

Automated financial control

Dealing with finances requires a lot of attention. For this, integrating apps can be a great ally! With Pluga, you can connect your financial management software and payment methods to other apps to automate tasks involving the organization of your finances.

Data from a new charge being sent to an invoicing app

Reduce communication noise - and rework!

If your company uses any type of internal communication tool, it's possible to automate the routine of notifications and alerts within it.

At Pluga, for example, you can connect this software to your project management platform so that every time a task changes status, this is communicated in a channel. In other words, it increases productivity, reduces communication noise, and avoids possible rework.

Automatic notification in the internal communication app

Customized alerts for customers

Often, personalized communication is what will captivate a customer to keep them interested in your brand. But doing this manually is almost impossible. Using Pluga, you can send these notifications automatically without losing personalization.

Automatic message sent to the customer's WhatsApp



Typeform is a platform for creating interactive forms and online surveys that offers a user-friendly and personalized response experience. With this app, you can create forms for NPS, market research, consumer behavior research, and much more.

Integrations with Typeform Visit Typeform
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G Digital


G Digital is a platform with solutions to assist various business processes. Its features aid in creating the strategic plan, marketing, and sales teams of your company.

Integrations with G Digital Visit G Digital

Frequently Asked Questions

  • With Pluga, you can easily integrate Typeform com G Digital . Just follow these steps:

    • 1. Log in or sign up (for free) on Pluga and click on “Create automation”;
    • 2. Select the source app and trigger;
    • 3. Select the destination app and action;
    • 4. Make the necessary adjustments, specifying which data will be sent to one app to another.
  • By integrating Typeform with G Digital on Pluga, you can automate various manual tasks that reduce productivity for those who perform them, while also avoiding human errors. The best part is that the process is simple and doesn’t require typing a single line of code.

  • On Pluga, you can make several integrations for free with the free plan. Additionally, you have the option to try all the features for 7 days at no cost to create integrations between Typeform, G Digital, and even other apps.

    We also offer three other plans, with prices ranging from $17 to $65 per month, which include premium automations and features, as well as a higher volume of events and automations. For companies with specific needs, we have the Enterprise plan, designed to offer customized solutions beyond the resources available in other plans.

    Check Pluga's pricing page for more details.